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How exciting... it's the end of 2019, December 29th to be exact and I am honored to be given the opportunity to live in what will be 2020 and the start of great things for many. I remember at the beginning of the 2000's thinking, "Wow, 2020, that's a year I can't even imagine yet!" However, I was confident technology online would advance a ton by then and here we are.

Over the years of giving excellent customer service and learning a tremendous amount of knowledge in the digital industry such as design, marketing, sales, business, finance, dropshipping, email marketing, copywriting, digital fine arts, etc. I always came across a problem while working with these massive companies and that problem was the scope of support's limitation on what was offered.

It was never TRULY enough guidance and support to help someone be as successful as can be. There were just too many opportunities that were missed that these Fortune 500 Companies aren't ALLOWED to help with because they absolutely NEED a process created and tested first before being able to help a customer with ALL they NEED help with.

Imagine buying a website design service for the first time and that was the ONLY thing purchased. Now that you got that out of the way you have to make sure you have the website name picked out and the hosting company chosen and the business emails created and the marketing plans prepared as well as the tools or services being used and although you might know that information as we do too, but most won't know unless they have specific reason for having learned it before.

Now, imagine not knowing what needed to be done or what was needed to get it done and if you don't know who can do it best or has what's best to get it done by yourself simply because no one ever mentioned, taught, or displayed it for you before that would suck right? It would suck and we understand as a person and professional business that it was never taught or mentioned on how to run a business online successfully let alone create a new business off of an idea and if you simply DON'T KNOW how to do something then it's not your fault but you probably won't succeed because you needed the GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, & RESOURCES that you didn't have, right?

WE ALL GET IT. We understand that they are a Corporation and that they have to follow a process and a policy and that there are legalities to prevent them from being held accountable for their advice/actions but it's okay!

That is why I'm so excited, I'm excited because now that we have the technology, resources, and knowledge that exist today, right now at this very moment we have the ability to create change in your life as well as business.

We've helped people ranging from being an established business owner who has a prestigious reputation but didn't know where to look for help all the way to being a retired grandparent who has a hobby which turns out to be a great skill that turned out to be worth a ton of money as a service and product but no one knew until we spoke and she had the idea to do so and the RIGHT GUIDANCE to give her all the RIGHT ideas that were NEEDED to get her to SUCCESS.

Simply, because of resources like Google, developers creating new tools and resources to make everyone's lives easier, and because of flexibilty from not being a Corporation but having even MORE knowledge then what they have to offer and because the world advances soo much and so quick, it's inevitable to not go through change so you and your business might as well learn how to be the best at changing and learn how to truly utilize the tools, resources, knowledge, and VALUE that is offered in Today's times.

If you are by chance wondering who is writing this blog, my name is Marcus Beltran. I am truly blessed and excited to work with anyone and everyone who decides to do so as well as help make an impact on many lives and help many businesses succeed at helping their customers too.


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